Our Mission

We aim to promote and advance the proper understanding and education  about safe and effective use of psychedelic substances. We’re building a network of professionals who can teach others and promote safe practices involving these powerful and effective medicines. We are committed to giving people the resources they need to make educated decisions about the use of psychedelic medicines, because we believe strongly in the individual’s right to have control over their own health and well-being.


Our Experts

Oren Levin


I firmly believe in the power of psychedelic therapy to empower individuals to take control of their mental health and well-being. In line with this belief, I have founded Psyche Insights, an educational website dedicated to providing comprehensive information and resources on psychedelics. Our platform aims to bring together leading experts in the psychedelic space to share insights and foster meaningful dialogue on the subject.

Danielle Kelvas, MD


Dr. Danielle Kelvas, MD earned her allopathic medical degree from Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. She served a term as the National Chair of Global Health for the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), regularly speaking to legislators on Capitol Hill (USA) to advocate for healthcare reform in the U.S., and published a global health program for medical students that is used by New York Medical College and AMSA.

She began residency training in Emergency Medicine and later switched to Family Medicine. Dr. Kelvas has traveled, lived, and volunteered medically in over 40 countries. She has 16 years of global collaborative experience, having led multiple medical volunteer trips internationally. Dr. Kelvas now writes full time and is currently funded to write a novel.

Pinni Baumol


My name is Pinni Baumol and I am a Psychedelic Social Worker and Entrepreneur. I specialize in promoting community harm reduction and integration, psychedelic-assisted therapy, drug policy change, and harm reduction education in Israel and worldwide. As the founder of OXYGEN – Harm Reduction and Education and former Co-Founder of Israeli Psychedelic Society, I have been involved in psychedelic therapy, research, and activism across multiple platforms for several years.

As a trained and registered therapist, as well as a social worker committed to policy change and community organization, I strive to create safe and inclusive spaces that honor the healing process, scientific perspective, and compassionate mental healthcare.

We are looking for Experts like you!

We looking for experienced, like-minded experts to join our cause in spreading awareness and making a positive impact on society. If you’re passionate about writing and making a difference, we would love to have you on board. Let’s use our words to create a brighter future together.